TIme goes slowly

Time goes slowly

endless journey

the waves in the sea

just flop

The energy around

hold little sound

like a air pocket with no pop/

Usually thrashing

against the stones

but today it's still

carm and unknown

Oh Lord please have good plans in place

for life without her I can't face

If she don't want me

that's ok

But it don't seem to be that way

I feel so helpless

to support their needs

like sitting ducks

for their evil to feed

Please protect them in your plan

please let me know this if you can

for I am fearful for their fate

and for answers I must wait.

I'll keep on going

the best I can

but please Lord God

make this your plan

I know it's a lesson

I have to learn

but I don't want a harsh one

for where can I turn

Oh please, oh please Lord

save their souls

save them Satan’s goals

I have no bible

just blind faith and love

I want to serve you

and be steered from above

rather than by workers of evil

with their ultimate plan

use me Lord to do what I can