RIP Whitney

Another one dead

Cos she wouldn’t sell out

When will people

Start to shout?

Instead they follow the program

And blame it on crack

Probably joke of

‘Crack is whack!’

Whilst our cream sisters

Are tortured under our nose

Just following the program

Is how it goes

Given a focal point

Of they lost it to crack

And how it’s so tragic

They never came back

People don’t  see or

Don’t  want to look

Just behind the media’ hook’

For the babies they took

From the ones who stood strong

Who refused to sell out

Refused to belong

To the satanic plan

Off their life’s enslaved

Fighting for years

Being so brave

And how the Satanist deal with those

Who refuse to sell

How their put through living hell

Whilst the public are programmed

To condemn and relate

So no compassion only hate

Not looking no further

To why drug-alters are given

Not seeing their played

Fed role model prisons

Tragedy roles for struggling teens

buy their drugs, living the dreams

Amy , another one dead

 maybe a little Awareness

But the drug alter is fed

To the public to blame

And ‘oh what a shame’

Then money to gain

For the rulers of pain.

Enough is enough

How many more

Please look further

Open the door

Face the truth

Or we all dead inside

These scum doers

Brag there’s no place to hide

Come let’s turn the tables on them

Expose expose, again and again.

Love you Whitney a true fighter, Jesus loves you