Monkey torture (trigger warning)

          Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

My heart shreaded

pours out pain

bleeding tears

then pounds from straiin

Memory deeply hiding

behind amnesic walls

of a tortured monkey 

for my downfalls

Failing to solve

the problem given

so  for ever more

I would be driven

to solve all puzzles and problems

to avoid the pain

of seeing the monkey 

suffer again

You barstards 

will pay for this dear

once my memory

becomes clear

and I will name and shame

you all

for what you did

was beyond cruel

and no doubt

you still think it's ok

the end justifies 

the means 

you say

Well, the end may not

be how you planned

now I have the keys 

to understand

be sure I'm brave enough

to look

at what you did that convulsed

and made my body shook

for yes the shakes 

are real servere

so let me be 

very clear

I will recall

all you have done

so get ready be prepared 

to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          'Giving it raw',
A poem from my newly published book of poems 'insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth' 

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