Waking up to find myself

in another place to you

I feel I'm lost

and need to move

and find things to do

dis-orientated in my mind

my present life

I need to remind

myself I now am alone

and I can't call you on the phone

I can't hear you

see you no more

my heart is broke

the tears do pour

Time passes by

but change don't come

for you are my number one

My heart is joined to your soul

a constant flow of tears do roll

I can't believe this life is true

I can't believe Im without you

I occupy my time and mind

but always awake to find

Im still alone

without you

and tears pour out

it can't be true

I stop my brain , from thoughts of what might be

for they only serve to traumatize me

but although I stop them

they still come through

then I ball cos I feel for you