Happy Birthday Boo Boo

Kill one

kill two

but they still carry on

but words of truth

are a weapon

that can be made into a song

law says an eye for an eye

and a tooth for a tooth

but tell me what is their defense

from LOVE and TRUTH

A whisper of truth

its vibrations so strong

compared to a screaming crowd

of lies

will be drown

cos they're wrong

So don't join no

gangs, groups or clubs

stay true to yourself

and using kid gloves

steer your life how YOU wish

it to grow

stand in love and truth

don't sell your soul

don't hunger for money

cos it's just

a paper hook

to be given and taken

just for a look.

see my fredom cars

last through the rain

and storms

whilst BMW drivers

on hard shoulder

with scorns

We reap what we sow

so I'm letting you know

that it's your souls what

makes you so